Thursday, July 28, 2011

jason winters tea


Iced tea 

organic oolong tea

Classic summer drink made of tea leaves in cold water. I found the recipe for the magazine a few years ago and I have not changed.

Preparation and cooking:
40 minutes (minimum)
The tea leaves in bags or filters: 1 hour and a half to calculate the dose commonly used in hot tea
Natural mineral water

Drink a glass of water in a bottle: It breaks down sugar.

Pour the tea into the bottle when you open the envelope and reach room temperature, the time to focus on a strong favorite beverage;

Periodic evaluation of color samples.

What are my kind of 30/40 minutes, perfusion, and very little sugar, the recipe is 12:10, to understand how difficult it is to pre-established guidelines.

After filling the filter. If the envelopes containing the tea powder, the use of paper bags or filters, open the bottom of the screen.

Loosen the sugar in the water on the other side. Add syrup, tea, and finally the lemon juice, preferably filtered so that the drink is lighter. Refrigerate. I think this method is better than a cold beer, why not remove the bitter afternoon tea and relax too much, drink so refreshing.

You can add a little "taste of fish, fruit juice and slices just before serving .


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